by Emily Shirley

NEW TUNE!! I watched Making A Murderer and then I wrote this song. I don't know if Steven Avery's guilty or not (he totally is), but I was struck by the toll all of this has taken on his parents—and for so many years. Steven's mother, Dolores, in particular. The scenes of her getting up early, reading the paper, driving to the prison, front row in trial.... a mother's love, unwavering. I wanted to tell her "you're doing a good job. He's lucky to have you".
  1. Dolores
NEXT UP: Patika with my girls — Jana Pochop & Katie Lessley — two of my favorites. 9pm. Hope to see you!:


Thursday, Dec 10th at One-2-One. My awesome friend and bandmate in The Belle Sounds, Noelle Hampton, was born on Dec 10. And so was I. To celebrate we're playing this double bill. The Belle Sounds will play a full set and I get to open the night with a few songs, AND The Belle Sounds as my band. AND there might be horns. AND, producer extraordinaire, Mark Hallman, might make an appearance. Head. Exploding. Music starts at 8pm. Please join us!


DUOTONE is available now — a collection of the five singles I released this year. And when you buy the physical record it comes with an immediate download of the digital record. $6. GET IT HERE


The Hallman Family suffered severed flooding during the Memorial Day floods. Mark Hallman produced Duotone at his studio, the Congress House Studio, and is a great friend. Local Austin musicians came together to made this Mixtape with all proceeds benefiting the Hallman Family. 90% of the songs were produced, recorded, mixed and/or mastered by Mark and André Moran at The Congress House. CHECK IT OUT HERE

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