Holy smokes and can I get a Halleluia! The album is now for sale. A collection of the five tracks I've released online, one-by-one, over the past year (+) all on one physical record. AND when you buy the physical record it comes with an immediate download of the digital record. WINNING. $6. Go get it here: http://emilyshirley.com/go-get-it


Well, I'm making a record. Or, you could say, I *made* a record. Because I've been recording this handful of tracks for the past year (+). Now they're done and this is me making a Collection. Here's the cover. It's called Duotone. I'm excited to share it.

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In this, the age of the digital download and the four second attention span, it just made sense. Plus I'm a mom. I have a design/photography business. Waiting for a complete record to present itself could take awhile. So I'm working on tunes one at a time. Write it, get excited about it, record it, and get it out there. It takes the pressure off. And it let's me share my work as I go. The latest is Suffering Soul. Listen, enjoy, Thank you! ------------------->      

Duotone: EP

Duotone: EP

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A collection of the tracks I recorded and released this past year (+), all in one place: Starstruck, 52 Pickup, Suffering Soul, Winter in Texas, Set Up Your House



  • #thebellesounds bout to hit - our first time at #saxonpub
    #thebellesounds bout to hit - our first time at #saxonpub
  • Geometric window-reflection on-the-move Friday morning #selfer
    Geometric window-reflection on-the-move Friday morning #selfer
  • East side mural detail #atx #eastside #streetart #nicholasconradmiller #mural
    East side mural detail #atx #eastside #streetart #nicholasconradmiller #mural
  • Good vibrations #atx #eastside
    Good vibrations #atx #eastside